Insider Reveals Sophie Turner Stressed Over Perceived Comparisons to Priyanka Chopra by the Jonases

According to an insider, Sophie reportedly experienced a significant amount of pressure due to perceived comparisons between her and Priyanka Chopra within the Jonas family, resulting in considerable stress for her.

Priyanka, in her late thirties, boasts a wealth of professional experience. She spent her formative years establishing herself well before her relationship with Nick. Her financial stability and independence are remarkable, and, notably, Nick is exceedingly supportive of her. He frequently accompanies her on visits to her parents in India, captures photographs of her at red carpet events, and is generally supportive of her career. Comparing Sophie’s situation to Priyanka’s, one might argue that the Jonases should have afforded Sophie similar levels of support and respect. Joe, for instance, could have postponed starting a family for a few years, thus encouraging Sophie to nurture her own independence. Presently, they lament that a 27-year-old former child star is not behaving as a seasoned 38-year-old Bollywood icon. The Jonas family could benefit from some introspection.

Furthermore, it is in Priyanka’s best interest to project an image of stability. She was previously involved in a public relationship with a married actor within the Bollywood community, which attracted considerable scrutiny. This controversy resulted in some actors and directors in Bollywood being hesitant to collaborate with her. It is imperative for her to maintain her reputation in the United States, as any further tarnish could potentially jeopardize her career.

Updated: September 7, 2023 at 11:08am