Florida lawyer argues woman’s unborn baby should be released from jail

Florida attorney, William Norris, is using anti-abortion talking points to argue the case the unborn child of his client, Natalia Harrell, is being illegally detained.

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The conservative Supreme Court justices have stated life starts at conception making them citizen people. Using their twisted logic, he may have a case.

Redditors on this post had some interesting takes. One commented:

The root of this case is that America’s prisons are cruel places that intentionally inflict physical suffering and damage on inmates. If US prisons were focused on taking a troubled individual and giving them the education, psychological help, and tools they would need to integrate with society upon their release then this case would have no merit.

If you were a fetus inside a mother who was a criminal of one sort or another then putting your mother into a prison in Finland would significantly improve your life (as a fetus and then in turn as a child). You would have better nutrition, you would not be exposed to drugs or alcohol, you would be physically safer.

This case is a simple consequence of a monstrous criminal justice system.

This is a case we will be following.

Updated: February 22, 2023 at 8:53pm