Gold digger series: Stay motivated

A gold digger’s guide to nabbing the best relationships. We help you successfully partner up with those of enhanced influence and wealth.

gavin allanwood ndpX28miBtE unsplash
Unsplash/Gavin Allanwood

How to stay motivated:

  • work to your potential not your quota
  • shoot for the extraordinary
  • go the extra mile even after you have satisfied
  • do what others refuse to do
  • be willing to fail knowing failure is impossible
  • be the most dependable person you know
  • let people know you are unique by your actions
  • do those things that challenge you the most (first, at least if it doesn’t work out it will be out of the way)
  • give more than is expected of you
Updated: January 19, 2023 at 1:50pm