Gold digger series: Personal development

A gold digger’s guide to nabbing the best relationships. We help you successfully partner up with those of enhanced influence and wealth.

laura chouette 6XH d1e LTE unsplash
Unsplash/Laura Chouette

Tips for personal development:

  • get in a mastermind group of winners
  • read a book a week
  • cut out negative people
  • stay uncomfortable and meet new people
  • do those things you are fearful of (courage)
  • surround yourself with positive reminders
  • reach up for new friends
  • ask those more successful than you for guidance
  • make continued and regular investments in yourself
  • go to workshops to learn and connect
  • avoid those who don’t assume responsibility for every outcome
  • seek to be exceptional in every area of your life
Updated: January 19, 2023 at 1:50pm