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Skinfluencers Worth a Follow

We don’t doubt your commitment to sparkle! So we put together a list of Skin Gurus with a degree, license, or who are involved in the beauty industry. There’s so much misinformation out there that it’s important to look at the credentials of those giving advice.


  • Michelle from Lab Muffin Beauty has a chemistry Ph.D. and is based in Sydney, Australia
  • Liah Yoo, founder of Krave Beauty, hires reputable chemists to developed her products


  • Ranella Hirsch @ranellamd is a dermatologist and co-founder of Atolla Skin Lab. She gives practical advice, sites peer-reviewed sources, does a lot of Q & A’s, and debunks a lot of skincare myths.
  • Dr. Camille Howard-Verovic @dermbeautydoc is a dermatologist and founder of Girl+Hair, a scalp care company
  • Dermatologist Dr. Shereen Idriss @shereeneidriss
  • Stephen Ko @kindofstephen a skincare and cosmetic formulator
  • Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu @chemist.confessions are brand owners and cosmetic chemists. They help decode ingredient lists, share the science behind them and cite their sources
  • Charlotte Parlermino @charlotteparler co-founder of Dieux. She went to esthetician school, has a background in beauty with major publications and relationships with dermatologists, other skinfluencers, and cosmetic chemists.

Some of these skinfluencers also have a presence on Tik Tok, podcasts, and other social media platforms. However, we found their best content on the listed sites.

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