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Old IG Live clip of Jada Pinkett Smith forcing Will Smith to respond resurfaces

In the Instagram clip, Will politely requests not to be filmed and warns “don’t use me” for clout. Jada however calls him foolish for it, demands answers, and forces her views on him when he’s made his boundary clear. Then she undermines him and the relationship because of it. Literally gaslighting him.

Watch 👇

We would hope Jada would keep their therapy sessions private, but no she must let the world know how much this person apparently helped them “redefine” their relationship. She tries so hard not to look like an awful person by wearing this “wisdom” mask. It’s kind of hard to watch.

Poor Will is clearly messed up mentally. Can’t help but feel bad for the guy. And even the worst person in the industry wouldn’t do what he did without serious issues.

He slapped the wrong person that day. #FreeWilly

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