Gold digger series: Self esteem

A gold digger’s guide to nabbing the best relationships. We help you successfully partner up with those of enhanced influence and wealth.

joe darams lTZP3mmELj0 unsplash
Unsplash/Joe Darams

Improve your self esteem:

  • be honest with everyone especially yourself
  • stay involved with your community be social
  • be the most professionally dressed person in your space
  • take enough time off to fulfill your desire for time off
  • get out of the house and try new things
  • avoid ads that promote depression as a disease
  • avoid drama tv and radio
  • have rewards for accomplishments that complement your potential
  • cut out all behavior that lowers your self-esteem
  • every day look for an opportunity to help others
  • stay in the best hotels
  • fly first class
Updated: January 19, 2023 at 1:50pm