Biden’s FDA pick makes major ethics pledges to win over Elizabeth Warren

President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Food and Drug Administration is making major ethics concessions to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as he tries to lock down critical confirmation votes. Robert Califf, who was first nominated more than two months ago, is agreeing to not seek employment or compensation from any pharmaceutical or medical device company…

There’s optimism that the worst of the pandemic may be ending, but some experts warn not to relax too soon

There is now more optimism that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic may be ending — and as other nations lift certain Covid-19 restrictions, some public health experts question whether US counties and cities should consider easing their guidance on mask-wearing or social distancing, as well.

Omicron has states rethinking ‘broken’ school Covid testing

State leaders and health experts are weighing a counterintuitive school Covid strategy: Less testing and contact tracing. Utah’s legislature suspended school testing requirements this month after high Covid rates strained the state’s system. Omicron’s quick spread left Vermont officials abandoning their onetime school test-and-trace program, while Massachusetts officials strongly encouraged schools to give up a…

One mom started potty training her child early to save money on diapers after the senator effectively killed Democrats’ efforts to extend child tax credit payments

Losing the enhanced monthly child tax credit pushed Joi Lansdowne to start toilet training her daughter Kaleasi, who recently turned 2. That way, the mom of two could save money on diapers, which run her about $100 every 10 days or so.

Cryptocurrency industry fights proposed NY moratorium. Here is what’s at stake.

ALBANY, N.Y – New York is a burgeoning industry for Bitcoin due to its cheap energy and shuttered coal plants. But environmentalists and key state lawmakers are not bullish on its future. In fact, they want to ban it. Lawmakers in New York who head powerful energy committees are pushing for a three-year moratorium on…

Biden’s signature legislation expired. Recipients are wondering: WTF happened?

Madisen Williams drives a 2008 Hyundai with over 100,000 miles on it and a leaky hose. A 33-year-old mother of two, the car allows her to move around Los Angeles to teach private youth dance lessons after Covid-19 forced schools to go remote. And when her next-door neighbor was murdered, the assurance of having a…

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