‘We’re falling behind’: 2022 seen as a pivotal lap in the space race with China

The new year could be a turning point in what’s steadily defining the next chapter in the space age: The fierce competition between the United States and China for economic and military dominance. Washington, D.C., and Beijing are jockeying for advantage — and international partners — to develop the moon and are locked in what…

Inside China’s terrifying ‘brain control weapons’ capable of ‘paralyzing enemies’

China is developing terrifying brain control weapons which could be used to paralyze and control its enemies and its own people, a report says. Washington has reportedly sanctioned Beijing’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences and 11 other research firms for using ‘biotechnology’. One of the weapons reportedly being developed is “purported brain-control weaponry”, according to…

Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Kitz’ On Netflix, A German Drama About A Ski Resort And A Local Teen’s Plan To Get Revenge For Her Brother’s Death

A resident of the ski village of Kitzbühel infiltrates the group of wealthy friends from Munich in order to get back at the girl she thinks caused her brother’s death.

‘He’s a press guy, I’m not’: How Harry Reid shaped Chuck Schumer

When Senate Democrats are in a jam, a question sometimes quietly bubbles up on Capitol Hill: What would Harry Reid have done? That the query itself still surfaces five years after Reid left the Senate is a mark of respect for the pugnacious longtime Democratic leader and his brute force style of leadership, which the…

$1B later and little to show for it, NYC’s mental health initiative proved disappointing: ‘We didn’t do a good job’

But six years and more than $1.2 billion later, mental health experts and fiscal watchdogs are questioning what exactly the program has achieved and what the shape of it will be when de Blasio leaves office on Jan. 1.

NYC schools to reopen Jan. 3 with expanded COVID testing, relaxed quarantine rules amid omicron surge

After weeks of concern that omicron could disrupt the Jan. 3 start of the spring semester, de Blasio appeared with Mayor-elect Eric Adams and Gov. Hochul on Tuesday morning to declare that “schools need to be open” for the wellbeing of students and families.

Price tag to vaccinate the world: $7 billion. And the U.S. is already coming up short.

The U.S. Agency for International Development is running out of money to pay for the Biden administration’s campaign to put millions of shots in arms across the world in 2022, according to two agency officials with direct knowledge of the matter. The agency, which works with officials in the State Department, has over the past…

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